Of Inspiration

As all these non-fiction posts start, being personal is a must. And personally, inspiration is one of those feelings that I can confidently declare have not made an appearance on my assorted array. People always ask writers (look at me calling myself one and being so bare-faced about it) of what inspires them, and I always thought that I was inspired by something whenever I wrote a piece or a post, but today- now, really, I know that I had the concept completely wrong.

What fuelled my writing was something deeper and more basic than that; something heathen and typical of me: discontentment. However, I do not deny the grace my discontentment bestowed upon me; after all, it is what keeps my “writing” going, and it is what the popular kids do.

Inspiration, on the other hand, I realised today. As it takes me ages to appreciate anything or anyone, it’s not a surprise I realised what -or rather who- is inspirational 2 years after meeting her for the first time. Inspiration isn’t someone whose list of achievements is shoved against your face every time you mention their name. Inspiration is someone who pushes you off the couch, gives you to slaps about the chops, and silently lets you admire every little, brilliant detail they’ve made which made them who they are.

Tess, or Tasneem as most people know her, you know, that lady who founded GCon, is so far the truest inspiration I’ve come across. I apologise for only realising this now, and I thank you for a day- rather a year, in which you’ve taught me all the things invaluable.

Of Inspiration

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