Electric Blue

A muted wave washes over your senses, silencing you with its austere force. You’re ocean-blue, battered blue, blue-blue. However the water moves, you carve your sides to accommodate the physics. In the back of your mind there’s a resonance of stories past about the life of water, the kindness of water, the fluidity of water; a resonance silenced yet again by the force of water, the persistence, and the stillness, then flow.

Then stillness.

Then flow.

You oscillate ever so slightly as one wave carries you through a vastness of life trapped beyond your senses. You know there’s no way out: how dare you? So you fight to let life break in. Let it start a riot that will force you to your knees, that’ll guide you to land, any land. To kiss the soil, to plant a seed, to dance to something that isn’t deafening silence.

That isn’t the music within.

That isn’t your favourite laugh.

That isn’t your dreams.

You ripple again across the ocean with a distant promise of an insurgence. Listen. Keep listening through the vacuum. Hell is full of screaming.

Electric Blue

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